Welcome 🙂

I look at the photo above, and I find it beautiful.
Take the time to look at it.
She gives off a certain peace, and a certain serenity.
We feel the power of the mountain, and the force of nature.
There is a beautiful harmony.

For a long time I imagined the future being filled with technology. But when I see the pollution we have created in this world, and the destruction of nature on an industrial scale, I tell myself that the price to pay for this “beautiful” technology is far too great.

Today, I think that the future I dream of is represented in this photo: a healthy, beautiful, radiant nature, and a certain harmony, peace and serenity.

I have often wondered what I could do to change things, and to help protect the “Living” of which we are a part. Without really knowing why, I always had the intuition that it went through a “work on myself”.
Today, I measure that thanks to this “work on myself”, I reconnected to my body, to my emotions, to my intuition, and to the sacredness of Life. More and more often, I feel part of the Universe. I feel like I’m starting to find my place there.

For a long time, I felt like I was just an “Alien on Earth”, misunderstood, stuck with humans. I did not understand them well. Often I judged them as being a little stupid, and too primitive (I did not yet see these aspects in me, nor my wounds associated with these aspects). Despite everything, I wanted to participate, to be included, but I always felt too different, and rejected…

The work on myself that I did allowed me to reconnect with many parts of me, and allowed me to heal the many wounds of the child and teenager that I was. It allowed me to better understand myself, to better understand others, to better understand the world. It allowed me to achieve certain goals that I had: to become a father, to find a purpose in life, to be happy.

I am convinced today that to protect nature, and fight against climate change, ocean acidification, the 6th mass extinction of living species, etc., we must reconnect with the Living, with Nature, and with the Sacred (in ourselves, and outside of ourselves).

To create a fairer, more conscious and more ecological society, it is important to look inside ourselves, to free ourselves from the toxic conditioning of patriarchy. The outer transition (creating eco-places, creating a micro-farm to regenerate the soil, managing a team of volunteers, etc.) can only be done with an inner transition at the same time.

For example: by reconnecting with our body, by meditating, by learning to regulate our emotions and to manage our conflicts (interpersonal and intra-personal), by taking care of ourselves, by accepting our limits and our imperfections, by having confidence in Life, by learning to no longer control everything, by letting go, by not remaining isolated, by having gratitude for the simple little things in Life, by accepting the imperfections of Life, by reconnecting with ourselves, by daring to be ourselves, by taking the time to slow down, by being at peace, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need to be accompanied in your inner transition. I will be happy to help you create a fairer, more conscious, and more ecological society.

Looking forward to talking together,