Hello everyone,

In these times of crisis, I appreciate the usefulness of having immersed myself for years in personal development: meditation, regulation of emotions, conflict management (interpersonal and intra-personal), self-caring, accepting your limits and your imperfections, trusting Life, learning to no longer control everything and to let go, not remaining isolated, being grateful for the little things in life, accepting the imperfections of life, reconnecting to yourself and daring to be yourself, taking the time to slow down, being at peace, etc.

I have discovered over the past ten years, many tools and techniques that help me on a daily basis. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that life has become perfect, and that it doesn’t regularly bring its share of chaotic and difficult moments. Rather, these tools help me to regulate myself, and to regain my inner calm.

I’ve learned to see that life is also full of wonderful moments, and that I can fully experience them. Before I tended to cut myself off from everything: from the bad, but also from the good! Before I tended to be suspicious of everything.
So I continue to learn every day how to get rid of my armor that is keeping me from being me, and that is keeping me from living a life filled with meaning, peace, and Love.

On this path to myself, I also became an “integral coach®”. I am truly amazed at the effectiveness and sustainability of the changes possible with this method. I am proud to be able to support my clients in accepting themselves, in particular by helping them to accept their current ways of being.

I remember that one of my clients who, before working with me, had contacted a coach, and that he came out of his first session (and the only session in fact …) feeling really bad. The coach had made him feel guilty for being the way he was.

One of the things I like the most in integral coaching® is being able to be in total acceptance of the other, and that without judgment.
To learn to accept yourself and love yourself, it is important to get out of guilt.
It is also important to learn to understand yourself and who you are. Often others see things about us that we don’t see.

Integral Coaching® by helping me to understand myself better, others better, and adult development better, has allowed me to cultivate more compassion for myself, and for others.

This allowed me, and still allows me, to no longer identify with my current way of Being, and to go toward a new way of Being. This is also what I help my clients achieve.

I am shy (my current way of Being), and at the same time, I can see that in these times of crisis, it is necessary to dare to be myself more (my new way of Being), and this even if I am not perfect, etc.
Because if by daring to be me, I can help you get better, and suffer less, then I think it is important.

If you need help, need to discuss, need a practice to better cope with these times of crisis, need to be accompanied and / or if you are ready for a deep journey allowing you to embody a new way of Being, contact me.

Nice day to you all 🙂,