Who am I?

I am 40 years old. I spend most of my time developing my coaching business, learning how to garden, reconnecting myself to my body (via swimming, cycling, dancing, rolfing, or a simple walk in the forest), working on myself (therapy, coaching, spiritual development), taking the time to read, meditate, or simply not to do much.

I am naturally curious, and I am rather perfectionist and sensitive. Given the current context of our western civilization, I had great difficulty finding my place in this world. I felt alone, misunderstood, different, and a little depressed for a long time.

I have experimented a lot of techniques, tools, teachings in personal development. I did over 900 hours of training. I discovered a lot of things that were very interesting and effective, but often it was hard to change. Why ? Because I was too cut off from my body and from my emotions. Because there was too much pain in me.

Thanks to this work on me, I met the mother of my son (in a personal development conference on integral vision, a conference I co-designed), and I can say today that I am happy, and that I feel alive and more connected to Life. I also manage my emotions and conflicts better. It’s not perfect, but it’s already that. I also accept a little more to live in this world filled with imperfections.
Now, I aspire to help more and more people find a balance way of life that would bring them inner serenity. I am convinced that it is essential to learn to take care of oneself, to accept oneself, and if I dare to say it, to love oneself, to co-create a more human and more sustainable future on our Earth.